Unpacking Academic Performance: Drivers & Balance

by Shabina Nur Bt. Bashir Mohamed


The purpose of this research is to ascertain the factors influencing work performance and perceived stress among academics in both public and private universities at Malaysia. As we are aware, academics are among those who contribute to nation’s human capital development, the researcher sees the urgency in conducting this research to figure out the contributing factors of performance and perceived stress among these academics. Organisational support was treated as the predictor by including discretionary effort as the mediating factor while work life balance and personality as the moderator.

The uniqueness of this study is the different demographic details were studied including working status that involves PhD students as a part of the academics and also different generations was classified and assessed to address generation differences among academics. Personality was introduced to the framework to add behavioural element to address perceived shortcomings in the current understanding. A self-assessed questionnaire was distributed to the academics to collect the data and analyzed using the SPSS software. Finding of the study proves that perceived organizational support plays a determinant role towards work performance and perceived stress. Work life balance and personality has also have an influence in predicting the relationship in the proposed framework.

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