Leadership Perspectives of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management: A Case Study Of Bahagian Kemahiran Dan Teknikal Mara, Malaysia

by Hazuin Akmar Binti Mohd Yusof


The study is an analysis focusing on managing leadership perspectives regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management: A case study of Bahagian Kemahiran Dan Teknikal, MARA, Malaysia. The case study was conducted as through the support of primary data which was attained from KKTM, MJII and IKM, which were sourced from the data related to innovative products from the inventors of these establishments. The information gained from the department of Innovative Competition, and BKT, from the aforementioned establishments were archive of three years’ worth, from 2014 to 2016. Other means of information gather were in forms of interview which was conducted with the director of KKTM Sri Gading on his working experience.

There were also discussion made with six (6) inventors who were from KKTM, MJII and IKM, which were conducted to understand their projects. The key management personnel who were interviewed were director of the Department of Technical and Expertise (Bahagian Kemahiran Dan Teknikal), MARA, and the director of KKTM Sri Gading. Secondary data for the study were retrieved from books, journals, magazines, and internet sources suitable to the context of the study.

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