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ManagementDirect is the comprehensive online management and leadership toolkit provided in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute.

As a CMI member you have access 24/7 free of charge to a vast array of resources to support and enhance your study and career. This also contributes to your  lifelong learning, professional and personal development

Resources include videos, e-learning modules, guidance notes, books and journal articles to develop your skills and knowledge as a manager, team member or leader. The e-Book Library now contains over 9,000 books.

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Your online management resource from CMI.

ManagementDirect provides a rich foundation of management knowledge and resources for students, members and employees across the board.

If you are a studying member at a university or a CMI centre, please refer to your Welcome email to access ManagementDirect.

All in one

ManagementDirect is packed with content, including:


A comprehensive database of articles and company, industry and market reports.

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A collection of over 9,000 e-books on management and business.

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Over 200 practical guides dealing with key management issues step-by-step.

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CMI Templates

Templates for creating the most useful management documents.

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Ideas For Leaders

Idea summaries designed to keep managers engaged with the latest leadership thinking.

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One page summaries of key management models and their practical applications.

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Leader Videos

World class leaders share their learning experiences through these short videos.

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Summaries of the life and work of major thinkers in the field of management.

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Discover the rich foundation of management knowledge & resources available in ManagementDirect

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