Towards Number One Property Management Team in Malaysia- Lacking of Project Management Team Contributed to Major Obstacles

by Azhar bin Ahmad

October 2021


The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the critical success or failure factors in project management; to examine the importance of relationships between critical success factors and the organizational background of variables. This study will be focused on Maybank business support services which is the vital operational backbone for the entire group business survival, specifically related to the Group Property.

Progressively, the management have a multiple set of transformation packaged which partially have been completed in periodically and this progress was successfully implemented. Nowadays, the cultivation of benefit entering to the most challenges aims; to gain a deep understanding on how project client’s satisfactions, owners hope, and sponsors representing their needs and expectations to ensure the project delivery will be success. On the basis of the survey responses analysis, this offering high possibility to identify the critical technics, the critical factors in project management which will be appropriately synchronized and significantly aligned with the company or organization vision, mission and strategy toward achieved their target in project cost and quality. The vital organization targets, the nature of business and project managers’ team commitment will be the main parameter to be gauge and performance measurement.

The results will be indicating the importance of project management in the real live function and the inherent of the entire Group Property as one of the main contributors in Maybank overall business performance. In contrast to some of the theoretical studies, communication was ranked in the highest for most project phases and success level.

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