The Relationship Among Employee Communication, Employee Cognition And Employee Development, And Their Effect On Employee Engagement: A Case Study Of Intel Malaysia

by Syarifah Nur Syuhadah Bt Syed Mohd Ramlan


The objective of the study was to examine the relationship between employee communication, employee recognition and employee development which affect the employee engagement in Intel Malaysia.

This was intended to help Human Resource Department to understand the reason of employee turnover. Employee turnover is concerned about the employees who leave the company, whether they are intended cave due to receive a better chance or they had been forced to voluntarily leave the company. It has always occurred in any industries, including manufacturing industry. When employees leave the company, the employer will hire the new employees that have different knowledge and skills which will help the company to grow.

However, when the rate of employee turnover keeps on rising or showing an abnormal statistic in a company, it is a sign that something is wrong. Thus, a study had been proposed to look into this matter.

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