The Influence Of Self-concept And Brand Personality On Purchase Intentions Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia

by Namasivayam Karuppiah


This study investigated the influence of self-concept, brand personality and brand attitude on purchase intentions of mobile phone users in Malaysia. There has been no known research on the multiple relationships among self-concept, brand personality and brand attitude focused on hedonic benefits, from the use of mobile phones in Malaysia.

Additionally, this study investigated whether there was any difference in consumer psychographic lifestyle preferences within the context of self-concept and brand personality. A survey was conducted on a sample of 533 respondents through assisted questionnaires and Structural Equation Modelling was used to analyse data. The results proved that there was a strong and positive relationship between self-concept and brand personality towards purchase intentions, as well as between self-concept and brand personality.

Brand attitude also depicted a strong positive relationship with purchase intention and it was also a partial mediator between self-concept — purchase intention and brand personality — purchase intention. Furthermore the study has shown significant partial differences between both the self-concept and brand personality, and consumer psychographics among Malaysians. This study has also contributed to the development of theory on the influence of multiple variables, namely, self-concept, brand personality and brand attitude on purchase intention towards mobile phones in Malaysia.

Additionally it has shown how self-concept and mobile phone brand personality can create value to enhance mobile psychographic lifestyles. This study also adds scholastic value to market strategists by not only replicating advanced market strategies in Asia but creating new and appropriate ones to capture potential markets.

As most mobile phones provide similar configurations and functional benefits, marketers can position products on symbolic benefits along with matching consumer lifestyles, which can then enhance distinctive benefits to potential consumers and garner market shares.

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