Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction and the Effect of Organizational Culture in National Oil Corporation of Libya

by Adel Mohamed Ali Shurbagi


This study investigated the relationship between transformational leadership, job satisfaction and e effect of organizational culture in the petroleum industry in Libya. The purpose of this study o examine the relationship between the dimensions of transformational leadership and types organizational culture and facets of job satisfaction as well as the effect of organizational It e on the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

Three instruments were used to investigate the ationship, (Avolio and Bass 2004) the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire which measures mensions of transformational leadership, Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument 

Cameron and Quinn, 2006) which measures types of organizational culture and Job Satisfaction Survey Spector (1997) which measures facets of job satisfaction. A stratified random sampling was used, and a total of 227 out of 280 (81% response rate) from the National Oil Corporation of ibya participated and completed the questionnaire. The questionnaire comprised of 64 items aced to the three variables of the study. Exploratory Factor analyses (EFA) based on the .

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was used to verify the construct validity of the instrument, while Cronbach’s alphas confirmed its reliability. For the data analysis Correlation analysis was used while Chi Square Cross Table was performed to the relationship between the components of he variables of the study. Independent Sample ‘t’ test was used to test the differences between e opinion of male and female about the components of the variables of the study. Simple liner regression and multiple linear regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses.

The main findings of -this research include: the leaders of National Oil Corporation of Libya follow transformational leadership style to manage the organization; where the hierarchy culture is the dominant culture in the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

The relationship between the variables of the study was indicated as a positive relationship while organizational culture effects the relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction in the National Oil Corporation in Libya.

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