The Mediating Role Of Organisational Commitment On Relationships Between Organisational Culture, Leadership Style And Organisational Justice With Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

by Sofiah Kadar Khan


Organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) has established itself in the study of organisational behaviour. There has been a growing interest in understanding this proactive behaviour among academics and practitioners alike. This study has focused on academics in private universities in Malaysia where there has an exponential growth in private universities in Malaysia, which consequently has led to an increase in the number of academics.

Private universities have been largely perceived as a profit making entity thus, making its contributions towards education questionable. OCB was a primary focus of this thesis since the profession of an academic has been by and large perceived as noble and nurturing; academics are seen as not only disseminating knowledge but as providing training for future workforce.

The study explored organisational culture, leadership style, organisational justice and organisational commitment as factors which contribute to OCB among academics in private universities in Malaysia. Selected literature and main findings form the theoretical background of this research has. The target respondents were 324 academics working with private universities in Malaysia and data was collected using questionnaire survey method. The study found that organisational commitment was a mediator for organisational culture, leadership, organisational justice which influences OCB.

The empirical results of the research supported the findings. It also provided a basic framework on how private universities can create appropriate or suitable conditions to encourage academics to increase their organisational commitment and subsequently, exhibit good OCB to enhance their performance in this competitive environment.

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