The Impacts of Green Business on Corporate Performance — A Case Study of Unilever 

by Angela Ong Shiau Fei


This case study examines the impacts of green business on corporate performance. Green business is any organization that participates in environmentally friendly or green activities to ensure that all processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental concerns while maintaining a profit. A green business not only treats the environment well, but at the same time, it brings various kinds of potential benefits to the organization. 

Many organizations are reluctant to take the initial step to go green due to possible large investment and the long payback period. This case study attempts .to investigate whether a company really needs to bear the high costs while adopting the green or sustainable business by examining and analyzing the case study of Unilever. 

Many companies are struggling in their effort to develop the green or sustainable business. This case study will examine how Unilever faced challenges that may impede companies from become sustainable. Unilever has shown how companies can overcome the possible challenges towards sustainability. This study will .identify the key success factors of going green. 

This case study is to analyze the green or sustainable business practices can leads to improved corporate performance. It had proved that it is profitable and beneficial to adopt green business. The result also indicated that green business can reduce costs and cutting unnecessary waste which can all offer significant financial savings. Green business practices of a company results in improved corporate performance as confirmed by the actual results obtained. 

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