The Impact of Training Programs on Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction: An Exploratory Study of IKEA (Malaysia)

by Logaraaj Thiagarajan


Although job satisfaction has been researched by many, researchers have yet to agree on what es job satisfaction or what can be done to improve employee job satisfaction. This research on whether the training received by employees at IKEA, Malaysia, contributes to their job ion. Data from the questionnaires that are collected were subjected to analysis using the software.

Independent sample T-Tests, One way Anova, correlation and regression analysis were used to test the survey questions. The study has found that there are positive relationships in training programs and employee job satisfaction. Various factors of overall job satisfaction are o be a contributor to job satisfaction and that they contribute to the relationship between training programs and job satisfaction.

Study has also revealed that training is a major part of developing employees as now the businesses are run on basis of knowledge and the sharing of information. The research also highlights the need for training programs in order for employees to contribute back to the organizations, and to further their careers.

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