The Impact of Environmental Innovation and Environmental Performance on Business Financial Performance in Malaysia

by Gayathere A/P Vijeyan

October, 2021


This research conducted with a purpose to analyse few issues of concern regarding the environmental innovation, environmental performance and business financial analysis. The findings of this research will help to discover more in detail the environmental innovation and environmental performance roles in bursting and helping the business in generating income and making profits. This research attempt to investigate how environmental innovation can drive an improvement in environmental performance and how both of these variables contribute to the business financial performance.

The analysis is performed among business organization in industrial area of Bayan Lepas, Penang and Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah. This area was chosen because it is easy to get respondent through online survey as many business in this area are majority multinational organization and highly responses to online survey through email communication. The survey questionnaire is distribute through Google Form platform where Google Form link send by email to the targeted business entity for them to fill in their responses.

The targeted research respondents will need to answer the questionnaire which divided into two sections namely demographic profile which consists of the company age in industry, the business industry, category of the business, SMEs status, level of SMEs, number of people employed and other location of the business. Meanwhile, in the second section of questionnaire there are four research variable consist of 29 questions.

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