The Impact of Autocratic and Democratic Leadership on Employee Job Performance:A Case Study of Private Dental Clinic Industry in Malaysia

by Muhammad Furqon Bin Abd Rahim

October 2020


Although research has been done showing that employee job performance in organizations correlates with the leadership style of the top management. Based on the prior researches on leadership and organizational behaviour, this paper is to study the impact of autocratic and democratic leadership on the job performance within the private dental clinic industry. Participants or sample of the study selected on convenient sampling techniques basis. Participants of the study were 99 randomly selected dental clinic staff of varies job positions and comprising of both male and female from private dental clinics. . The data was collected through questionnaire and the collected data analyzed through computer software SPSS version 13.

A reliability analysis using the Cronbach’s Alpha to determine to what extent items are related to each other and regression analysis used. The reliability indices reveal that all of the two factors items are greatly connected with each other and measuring the same construct.

The results from this research shown Autocratic leadership has a beta coefficient value of -0.367 and significant value which is lower than 0.01. Hence, this result concludes that the practice of autocratic leadership has a significant negative impact towards the performance of employee. Based on this study, it was found out that autocratic leaders disrupt the positive behaviour of the employees in the organization.

This is mainly because the leader solely makes decision and tends to micromanage the lower subordinates, lesser opportunity for internal discussion cease the company improvement. Authority of the top leader and showing their power to the employees reduce the employee innovation and creativity. The result from this is the low job performance outcome from the employees. While, democratic leadership has beta coefficient value of 0.468 and significant value less than 0.01.

Therefore, the finding from this research study concludes that democratic leadership has a significant positive impact towards performance of employee. The results of this study add to previous research in the field of leadership and dentistry.

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