The Factors Influencing Unethical Actions by the Employees

by Azrizal Bin Hamli

February 2022


Employees are the people who are responsible in completing tasks to ensure that the organization continues to grow and making great progress. Therefore, unethical employees should be able to influence the progress of an organization. This study was conducted to identify the factors influencing unethical actions by the employees around the Office at the National Security Council (NSC) of Malaysia.

The study design was a survey using a questionnaire. This instrument was exposed to a sample of 100 respondents who were around the office. This set of questionnaires consists of 31 questions that have been constructed and modified from previous researchers. The study involved 100 respondents in which the study was a survey using a
quantitative approach.

A reliability test was conducted and the Cronbach Alpha value for this instrument was 0.80 indicating the item was good and acceptable. A Likert scale was used in this study. Data were analysed using IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) computer software to obtain frequency, mean, percentage, and standard deviation values. The results of the data analysis showed no difference between individual factors and environmental factors in the workplace.

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