The Adoption And Implementation Of Environmental Management Systems In Hotels

by Chin Jia Jun


The purpose of this paper is to explore the hotel managers’ perspective regarding environmental management system (EMS) and their understanding of the potential benefits and barriers in implementing and adopting environmental management system in hotels. Study is conducted via a series of theories related to sustainable tourism practices in the hotel sector, and environmental management systems or tools, for example ISO 14001:2015 and EMAS. Quantitative surveys are distributed to the managers of hotels or suitable representatives.

Findings include sustainable programmes implemented in Malaysia hotels, managers’ understanding of the potential benefits and barriers in adopting and implementing environmental management system. Literature review is based on previous studies on sustainable tourism practices in the hotel sector, benefits and barriers related to implementation of EMS.

The paper also intends to find out different hotels’ environmental programmes such as green certifications or initiatives from other body other than the most commonly used environmental management system, ISO 14001. Previous studies have suggested that the number of respondents in Malaysia is enough to justify and determine the result. This paper possesses some exploratory elements by hoping to find out other different types of environmental practices and programmes currently being adopted by hotels other than environmental management systems and future research would benefit from it.

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