Political Marketing: Social Media Content and Its Influence on Voters’ Loyalty To Political Leaders

by Nur Syakirin Binti Husnal ‘Az’ Hari

February 2022


A brilliant social media strategy in politics has become more important to political campaigns in the last decade. Nowadays, no campaign manager can afford to ignore or disregard social media. Instead, they will take advantage of every opportunity to make the most of a candidate’s social media. Politicians may interact directly with their constituents through social media platforms. As a result, constituents members may readily engage in political debates, influence policy choices, and have their opinions heard.  At the same time, politicians can exchange policy suggestions, run advertisements, and raise funds, among other things.

The study’s main objective is to determine the factors influencing voters’ loyalty towards political leaders. The study specifically focuses on three factors, i.e., Content Frequency, Content Relevance, and Content Language. A survey of online questionnaires was done on the public, especially those active on social media (namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok). This research requires a survey on 325 people who may or may not follow politically linked pages and are interested in a politician for the quantitative data collection.

By researching the relationship between the efficiency of content marketing on social media to several types of content styles, we can see a trend of positive perception from the public towards the politician. The independent variables used in this study are (1) content upload frequency, (2) content relevance to current issues, (3) content language.

Data analysis was done through MS Excel, and it was found that the overall questionnaire was internally consistent and reliable. All hypotheses are accepted. This study will give a more precise idea to political strategists in planning their content for the public on social media in marketing their respective politicians.

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