Mental and Health Issues at Workplace:
A Study at the Manufacturing Companies in Selangor, Malaysia

by Noraini Binti Mohd Zain

February 2021


The morality of employees may be positively and negatively affected by the working environment. The working environment plays an important role in the efficiency and productivity of an employee. Many industries have a damaging workplace environment and are often also unsafe. This study focuses on the working environment of a healthcare facility and its effects on production workers.

Insecure health facilities such as unsafe facilities, poorly designed workstations, ventilation shortages, excess noise, poor lighting, poor support to supervisors, poor communications in the workplace, poor security in emergencies and lack of personal protection equipment’s can have a negative impact on workers’ productivity. Production workers are subject to conditions of work in those environments, such as heat stress, survival, ergonomic disorders and suffocation.

Health care workers’ productivity and performance can decrease because of poorly planned workplaces, which can adversely affect your morals and cause a lack of motivation and satisfaction, providing management with a safe working environment in order to ensure health, efficiency, efficiency and good performance.

This can result in poor motivation for the worker. The links between the health worker, the workforce and the workplace environment are very important and therefore integral to the job. Management efforts to guarantee an active workforce should be geared towards staff motivation and infrastructure for the working environment.

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