MARA In Fashion (MIF) Programme: A Case Study Enterpreneurial Leadership At National Level

by Siti Suraya Binti Abdul Wahab


This case study is to oversee and get into the depth issues in developing the MARA in Fashion or MIF program under MARA Entrepreneur Development Division. MARA in Fashion program take places back in the year of 2015 and now has entered its second phase. To ensure the strength of MIF program, the first session of MIF participants interview has been conducted with some of MARA officials has involved. The case study was conducted as through the support primary data.

Through interviews and research conducted, there are two main issues faced in the development of MIF program. For the internal factors, the officials of MIF have zero knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. The dependency on the external parties such as professional consultants and lack of financial support are the reason on obstacles faced by MIF. Amongst external factors issues faces by MIF are the local fashion entrepreneurs facing an issues such as resources, skilled workers, production capacity and cost to enhance their business. On the other hand, the issues faced by them are the entrepreneurs require a big amount of start-up capital to build up a new brand and competition from other players in fashion industry is extremely competitive.

In order to tackling the issues faced by MIF, the leadership and management need to be improvised. The management team who are involved in planning, organizing, leading and controlling needs to be more efficient in handling the issues so that the program could give a high impact on the entrepreneurs. This improvement should be implemented in the second “-“” of MIF (2017/2018 session) in order to make this program even better.

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