Leemo Industries Sdn Bhd “Entrepreneurial Leadership: Capabilities And Growth”

by Zanita Binti Isa


This case is based on primary research built on the interview with the Managing Director of the company who is the founder of Leemo Industries Sdn. Bhd. (LISB), the Chairman and two key personnel of the company. Secondary data was also obtained via desktop research, i.e. articles, reports and journals.

LISB was established in 2009 under the name AR Double Trading. At that time, the company was sole proprietorship and fully owned by Aizal Hazri, founder of the company. Along with the time elapsed and faced some problems, then in 2014 Leemo Juice Sdn. Bhd was established which later on Leemo Industries Sdn Bhd. was formed in 2016.

The ownership of this company is held 60% by Bani Azizul Ashaa and the remaining 40% is held by Aizal Hazri. Since there are only two shareholders, the management of the company is normal and decisions will be made by both of them.

LISB is a company that produces flavoured bottled drink which are lime juice, lime juice with assam boi and roselle juice. Aizal is the young man with the vision to be a successful drink manufacturer in the future. In ensuring he can achieve his objectives, Aizal choose to face challenges and obstacles in front of him. The biggest challenge of the company is lacked of capital. Without giving up, he managed to obtain additional capital from Bani Azizul Ashaa. Together, they start planning for the company’s benefit in the future.

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