Leadership, SME and Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia

by Chua Hock Kuan

October 2021


This study aims to investigate the SME leadership role in Covid-19 pandemic and crisis management in Malaysia, to further explore whether the crisis management decisions are fit for the leadership brand. A study is to link the variables such as leadership skills, leadership styles, ethics and government policy to the effectiveness of a crisis management decision made by leaders to further enhance the contribution of SMEs towards the country.

This study aims to determine the effectiveness of government policy in achieving the goal, as well as to identify and highlight the challenges experienced by SMEs operators that act as a barrier to their growth and sustainability. Not only did the country fail to meet its goals (Wawasan 2020), but 2020 was also the year that Malaysia was hit by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) for the first time, forcing the Malaysian government to enact a Movement Control Orders to combat the pandemic.

While the government focuses on the spread of the Covid-19 virus, SMEs leaders are being put to the test with their leadership skills and competencies through the most difficult period of their firm. Leadership is critical for SMEs in crisis management; the aftermath of Covid-19 necessitates a new set of planning, organising, strategizing, and implementing for SMEs to survive, thrive, and seize the opportunity to be at the top of the game.

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