Leadership Brand Code And Employee Commitment

by Nur ‘ain Bt Zainol Abidin


The purpose of this study is to examine correlations between leadership brand code which consists of strategist, executor, talent manager, human capital developer and personal proficiency and employee commitment. The study was conducted in Kiang Valley area. Convenience sampling technique was used in this study and there were 272 questionnaires collected from employees in the Kiang Valley.

Survey questionnaires were physically distributed in Kiang Valley and some through on-line using Google doe. Survey questionnaires consists of 6 sections which include the demographic profile of the respondents in section A, 5 independent variables in section B 1 until C, and employee commitment as dependent variable in section D. Bivariate correlation was used to test the hypotheses. Results showed that all the leadership brand code have positively and significantly correlated with employee commitment.

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