Knowledge Sharing In The It Department Of Bank Simpanan Nasional – A Case Study

by Venu Gopal A/L K.K. PiIxai


Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) was formed under the National Savings Bank Act 146 and was officially launched on the 1st of December 1974 by the late Prime Minister, YAB Tun Abdul Razak.  BSN is a semi-government entity that runs on a financial environment and comes under the purview of the Ministry of Finance. 

Information System Integration at the IT department is a very important factor to integrate all the N products to ensure all the information and data can be retrieved effectively. The purpose of this implementation, which is knowledge sharing within the IT department, particularly in the information communication technology aspect of BSN, is focused on developing the information -integration system. This is to ensure that vital knowledge is not lost should the core BSN staff in e IT field eventually resign. Besides that, knowledge sharing can also reduce the overall cost and improve efficiency through the storing and exploitation of the existing BSN skill, expertise and resources. 

Knowledge management system is also an audit of “intellectual asset” that highlights unique resources, critical function and potential bottle neck that hinders flow to the point of use. It protects intellectual capital assets from decay and seeks opportunities to enhance decision, services and products through adding more intellectuality, increasing value and providing flexibility in the products offered. With the current growth in the ever-growing banking industry, the management of BSN has decided to move on aggressively in competing with the other banks with the mission of becoming one of the best banks in the Malaysian banking environment.

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