Factors Influencing the Success of Logistics Industry : Case Study in Johor

by Maswati Binti Daeman

October 2020


Logistics is one of the important functions in the supply chain management operation. Meaning is the process is start from customer order for particular product and the order will through manufacturing process to completeness the product and accuracy.

Once complete, customer credit status need to verify to ensure the product must be paid as credit term agreement and finally product will take from the stock, doing the packing for shipment and delivery to customer with complete shipping document. One of the logistics function is to update to customer about their order status. The delivery mode was depending on the customer request either by road, sea, rail and air.

This research is to evaluate what is the effectiveness and challenges logistics industry in Johor during the shipment arrangement to customer. A comprehensive literature study reveals the factors that are influencing the success of logistics industry and what is the method to evaluate with the suitable criteria. Logistics provider and manufacturing sector is the aim of this research a case study in Johor. The is 110 sets of questionnaires being distribute by using Google Form and received back 107 of the respondents from both sector and by google form, face to face interview and phone interview.

By using SPSS the data collection was interpreted which is focusing on number of trucks and containers as main data to measure it beside others factors like infrastructure and logistics facilities provide by sectors involved. The research suggested on the new logistics provider especially from Singapore as Asia logistics hub to invest in Johor since logistics cost in Singapore was much expensive compare in Johor.

In term of certain shipping route especially by Air and Sea still can using schedule from Singapore Port or Airport. So it’s make cross border shipment will be more active in Johor.

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