Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Debit Card at the Self-Service Petrol Pump

by Mohamad Fadzil Bin Md Yasir

October 2020


A debit card is a means of payment that utilizes the money to pay for purchase directly from a consumer’s saving or current account. Debit card eliminate with purchases having to pay with cash or actual forms.

This research will examine what factors that affects a customer’s decision to pay using a debit card and why they choose it as the method of payment at a self-service petrol pump.

The research will benefits to the payment cards industries or issuing bank to increase transaction volume, transaction value and profited with the fee-based income. It is essential in order to achieve part of the e-payments initiative and realizing Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) aspiration of making Malaysia a cashless society.

The researcher has used the online platform, Google Form to develop sets of questionnaire in order to collect the data. The survey focuses solely on the collection of a debit card payment database that transacted within the Klang Valley area. The questionnaire survey been distributed to 300 respondents and the return questionnaire obtained was 120 with valid answered.

The data analysis interpreted using IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22 and the results intended to determine whether Perceived of Usefulness, Ease of Use, Transaction Consistency, Purchasing Power per Usage, Technology Readiness, Security Awareness and Benefits Program related to debit card payment transactions. It was important to take into account that there is rarely research on the payment of debit card to specific merchants, such as self-service petrol pump.

From the results, a recommendation is made and I believe this research could be used by other researcher to find more about the card payment transaction and how it contribute significantly to improve customers’ experience.

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