Factors affecting the Selection of Destination for Business Events: A Study on the Perception of Malaysian Event Organizers

by Chai Kel Vin

October 2021


The business event industry is among the fastest growing areas in any country. The industry has grown tremendously around the global areas and this segment brings the appropriate support that constructs and specifies different benefits to the host destination. Competition has grown among the different business events and benefits of commercial activities generated by the conventions and exhibitions as well as the spending of participants on transportation.

As a result of these benefits the strong engagement and proposed directions help to process the different attributes where perceived appropriate result specific aspects can be followed effectively. Therefore, this particular study specifically examines the various distribution attributes that event organizers access as significant when determining event based destinations and differences that exist among the various destinations also get predicted well in terms of their perceptions and factors.

Data collection for this study connects with the sample from the event organizers and follows the SPSS technique so this regression testing can be followed supportively by dealing with necessary action projections with significant information follow-up. This data collection prospect helps to contribute and process the significant information approaches and consider the destination attributes so that necessary information assessment with the perceptions can be followed. Event characteristics, event motivations and destination characteristics reliably predict the importance of each segment so that possible understanding about the overall findings can be presented well in this prospect.

Furthermore, the results of this study increase the understanding that organizers’ perception of managing destination attributes collect with the specific knowledge of the market, understanding about coordinated information specifications and consider better direction towards communication in the Malaysian market. Additionally, the study connects with policy making prospects, defines supportive action based approaches and considers important directions so that probable support to create and present standardized aspects can be followed.

Finally, the study recommendations and suggestions help to present the ideas about strong relationship management and build appropriate support so that necessary action involvement can be considered properly.

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