Factors Affecting Employees’ Productivity While Working from Home

by Jenifer Nithya Rachikatas

February 2022


Work from home has been a norm recently for many companies who prefers to save on their cost and as well meet the wellbeing of their employees. During this Covid-19 Pandemic, work from home has been gaining attention by most businesses around the world specially in Malaysia. While working from home, employees will surely be affected on the way they perform their work.

This descriptive study researches on factors that affects employees’ productivity while working from home around the Klang Valley area. The three factors that are mainly discuss in this study involves job satisfaction, technology and household environment. By having these three factors, we can learn how it affects the employees’ in performing their daily task while having their working environment not in a physical office but at home instead.

A conceptual model has been developed based on prior empirical studies. The model includes the key factors which is job satisfaction, technology and household environment. The model investigates how these key factors actually affect an employee’s productivity while working from home. The model also investigates how the moderating factor influences the key factors and how this actually affects the employee’s productivity.

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