Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction towards Online Banking : A Study on Maybank2u in Kuala Lumpur

by Deeban Manierajoo

October 2020


Nowadays internet has become a very important too in everyone’s life. Due to the rapidly growing technology, everybody prefers to do all the online transactions via online.

To accommodate customers’ needs all the banks also actively involved in giving their best services in online banking, which results in customers getting higher satisfaction level. This research will focus on how security and privacy, e-services and convenience impact the customer satisfaction in online banking.

This research is also conducted to test the fourth objective, which is to identify how customer satisfaction impacts the online banking. For this study, online survey form was created using the Google form.

Once the approval was given to the questionnaires by the mentor, it was distributed to the participants. The Google survey form was distributed to 250 people who stay around Taman Sri Jati via WhatsApp or email.

From the total 250 people, 150 people have responded to the survey. The collected data was interpreted using the IBM SPSS Statistics version 26.

Based on the analyzed data, all four hypotheses were accepted. Based on the research, it is concluded that security and privacy, e-services and convenience positively impact the customer satisfaction in online banking.

It is also concluded that customer satisfaction positively impact the online banking services

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