Factors Affecting Construction Project Completion on Time in Oil and Gas Sector in Kerteh, Terengganu during Covid-19 Pandemic

by Nazman Idris Bin Mohd Aman

June 2021


The present report is a comparative study on the factors (primarily the COVID-19 pandemic) that how it has affected the oil and gas sector or companies (based in Kerteh, Terengganu) while completing their construction phase. This study will help us in investigating the causes and other factors in the delay of the construction projects in the oil and gas sector of Malaysia.

However, many studies were conducted before, just to evaluating the main reasons behind such delays and most of them found out the COVID-19 is the prime factor. In the initial starting of the research report, Chapter 1: Introduction will provide a basic overview of the oil and gas sector. For example, how much the sector influences the economy of the world and as well as the respective country (here Malaysia). Moreover, this section will include objectives and the researcher questions for which the researcher is conducting this research. Further in Chapter 2: Background and Literature Review, the researcher will try to answer the objectives and research questions, and in order to do this researcher will look out for various sources such as books, journals, and internet. By doing so, materializing this paper with evidence will become easier.

The report will demonstrate several significant factors which are putting an impact on the construction company, COVID-19 as the major one. Thus, the literature review will provide a clear insight into the elements that are important and need to be considered for executing the plans and procedures related to construction in the oil and gas sector. As we proceed further in Chapter 3: Procedure: This section will include the methods and methodology that are required for accomplishing the research in an effective manner.

Moreover, in Chapter 4: Results, with the help of surveys and the results accumulated, the researcher will find out the degree of agreement in terms of the perception of various respondents. Even more, the results and values obtained from this research report could be valuable as they can use this for making proper planning for their constructional projects. Lastly, in Chapter 5: The conclusion and recommendation will be the final closure of the research report. However, there were many reasons that put an effect on the activities of construction work such as loss of efficiencies, no proper coordination between contractors and subordinates, cost impacts, and many more.

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