Evaluation Of Islamic And Conventional Mutual Funds

by Puspa Rani d/o Letchimanam


The study investigates the evaluation of Islamic and Conventional mutual funds in Malaysia.  In Malaysia there are two types of mutual funds one is based on Islamic principles and the other conventional principles issued concurrently to investing public.  Public Mutual Berhad funds were reviewed and compared. This project paper mainly compares the portfolio performance of Islamic nature mutual fund with conventional mutual fund in term of returns, risk and later in portfolio context.

The challenge is not only forming the mutual fund portfolios but computing the risk reward ratio which should be maximized. In addition, the investor’s lack of knowledge d data availability adds confusion in selecting the right fund to invest and to make profit. To overcome this problem data analysis was carried out and demonstrated the effectiveness and comparing the financial parameters among all the funds to identify efficient funds. A total number of 60 funds were analyzed to get mean return and their risk. In addition, portfolios are also designed and their risk and return were computed and compared. This project paper will be useful not only for the investors but also to the regulators like securities commission, Bank Negara and Bursa Malaysia. Furthermore it adds to the existing literature and will be helpful for academic researchers. 

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