Evaluating Relationship between Training and Development and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) in Sarawak Islamic Agencies

by Nur Annisa Abdullah

October 2021


The purpose of this study is providing an empirical évidences on relationship between training and development and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). A questionnaire was used to collect data. A total of 129 respondents participated in the study. The respondents from this study were employees from Sarawak Islamic Agencies.

Data analysis involved the computation of descriptive statistics, regression analysis, reliability analysis and correlation analysis. The results of the study revealed that all three constructs of training and development, and organizational citizenship behavior were statistically significant. Organizational citizenship behavior, according to the research, encourages the successful running of any business while also contributing to its overall success.

As a result, in order for firms to sustain their success, study on how to promote organizational citizenship behavior is required. Finally, the study states the limitations discovered and recommend the further research to generalize the context.

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