Enlightenment of Chinese Companies’ Salary Management to Malaysia : A Case Study of Huawei Company

by Li Jing Wen

October 2020


Today, with fierce competition in the international market, how to attract, motivate and retain talents has become an important issue in the human resource management of every enterprise.

However, the traditional old wage management not only fails to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, but also becomes a burden that hinders employees’ progress. To further, develop and grow in the context of economic globalization, enterprises must establish a new reasonable and scientific salary management model.

From a small company with a registered capital of only 20,000 yuan, Huawei has developed into a world leading company, and its rapid development has been recognized by countries all over the world.

This has an important relationship with the implementation of its competitive compensation management strategy. Taking the company as an example, this article explains the evolution of Huawei’s salary management system, the details of the salary structure and strategic salary management, etc., as well as surveys conducted through interviews with relevant managers of Huawei (Malaysia). At the same time, the current salary is based on the Malaysian market.

Management system for comparison and analysis. Finally, some enlightenment and suggestions are put forward for the salary management system of local enterprises in Malaysia.

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