Determinants of Intention to Use Malaysia Airlines
by Malaysia Travelers

by Lai Fan A/P Ebau

October 2021


There are three major factors that plays an important part in aviation industries in order to sustain in Malaysia competitive market. The airlines image, service quality and price are the variables that influenced the traveler’s perception. This study is carried out to determine the relationship between the three variables and the significant impact on determinants of the travelers.

The selected sample for this study is amongst 44 frequent travelers. Multiple regression analysis is used in this study due to the presence of multiple independent variables. It is assumed that these independent variables; price, service quality and image describe the traveler’s intention to travel Malaysia Airlines. The outcome reflects a significant relationship between these independent variables to travelers’s retention. The type of relationship between the former three independent variables to the dependent variables is a positive relationship.

The study has proven significantly that the three variables are important factors and based on the results,I would recommend that Malaysia Airlines should emphasis on the three factors in order to create good experience for the travelers which enable the business to sustain and soar.Most of the local airlines are in recovery mode with the COVID situation and market is generally soft.In order to gain the travelers trust and intention to travel with them, airlines have to stay competitive locally and globally.

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