Business Plan On The Development Of Yemen Café Kiosk Franchise In Malaysia

by Hani Hasan Mohammad


Yemen Café is a business of coffee products of a home-grown company with a goal of instilling brand awareness and excellent customer service worldwide. Co-founders Hani Hassan and Ghazali Hamzah had formed the company. The company has developed a line of premium coffees consumptions and espressos in Yemen. However, it aimed to break into foreign market lately and planned to become the major players in Malaysian coffee businesses industry. The goal of the company is to be the leading entity in Arabic coffees consumptions by attracting and retaining consumers of diverse background with its brand of a Yemen Café.

Moreover, the goal of the company is to provide the highest standards of its coffee blends with an aim of establishing the reputation of Yemeni Café in the best way possible in Malaysia by adapting the strongest ethic of customer service as part of its venture. The overall objective of the company is to develop a high-quality menu of different coffee blends and provide an excellent service experience. In addition, to positioning Yemen Café as a domestic and international company having strong ties with the community, the company aimed to become the first provider of Yemeni coffee in Malaysia, and be the cost effective leader by decreasing costs of customers. 

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