Business Plain Of Bardia Bakery Sdn Bhd

by Mohamed Rizal Bin Mohamed Rafi


This business plan is a road map for the development of Bardia Bakery Sdn Bhd. It includes a written of the company’s business and corresponding financial data. The goals of this business plan are to assist Bardia Bakery to obtain money from angle investors, to develop and implement ideas into actual business practices, products and services. At the same time to develop guidelines for the operation of Bardia Bakery, to identify the strength and weaknesses and competitors, to provide a strategy to further company’s growth.

Bardia Bakery is a website store that sells various bakery products. Bardia Bakery will offer customers in Kiang Valley a broad range of bakery products such as pastry, desserts, sandwiches, continental cakes, wedding cakes and nutritious meal. Based on this broad menu, Bardia Bakery will follow a Broad-based Innovation Strategy that will provide unique, refined taste or hard to find choices to customers.

The keys to success for Bardia Bakery will be repeat business from website store bakery, high quality and various bakery products with personal service at a competitive price.

The company is a Limited Liability Company. The First Director of the company is Mohamed Rizal, Bahrami, Ali Talati, and Aria Nejad. Mr. Rizal will be responsible to get angle investors to fund RM 500,000 for the start-up expenses and cash needed for the

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