An Entrepreneur’s Journey: The King Of Affordable Homes (Tan Sri Datuk Hj. Mustapha Kamal)

by Nur Haslina binti Mohd Zainal


Entrepreneurship is the driving force bringing innovations to the marketplace and establishing a community of high-growth firms. A creative entrepreneurial sector or community within an economy can contribute significantly to its prosperity. With change as the constant in today’s globalized world, entrepreneurs constantly seize any arising opportunities to create new wealth. 

There are many new policies and supporting mechanisms that exist for entrepreneurs. The Malaysian Government, in 1995, established a new department, the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development. This move shows the importance the government places on entrepreneurs and their confidence that entrepreneur success in Malaysia will be a critical success factor for the economy in the future. 

The objective of this case study is to expose the entrepreneurial journey of Tan Sri Datuk Hj. Mustapha Kamal bin Hj. Abu Bakar, as one of the richest and successful Bumiputera in Malaysia. His passion, hard work and determination to success should be example to other young entrepreneurs in Malaysia. He believes that his success is because of his adhere to the principle, if others can do, I can do.

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