A Study on the Antecedents of Employee Retention in an Oil and Gas Company

by Mohd Akmal Nasran

June 2020


There is no question that effective talent management requires a well-defined process. Talent management includes all talent processes needed to optimise people within an organization.

The processes include: attracting, recruiting targeted selection, performance management, succession planning, talent reviews, development planning and support, career development, and workforce planning. The hired employees should be developed to mould into the organization culture so that they support the vision and mission of the organization.

Industries must be able accommodate expect technological advances and compete with other businesses around the world in this ever-evolving contemporary environment. This necessity makes it important for a company to evolve through the learning and continuous development of its employees.

The safeguarding and retention of professional workers is crucial in the process because the expertise and abilities of our employees are essential to the success of businesses. As retention of employees is very important to a company’s operations and competitiveness, this study focuses on the organizational and personal factors that affect the retention of employees.

The research problem in this study was to investigate how successfully Talent Management in retaining and managing technical specialists in Oil & Gas industry. To achieve this objective a comprehensive study was undertaken on talent management and employee retention.

The study involved conducting a literature survey to understand the processes that are necessary for implementation of talent management and employee retention in an organization.

An empirical study was later conducted to investigate whether the processes of talent management and employee retention have been successfully implemented. The survey was compared to the literature review to determine whether the organization complied with the findings in the literature review.

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