A Content Analysis on Factors Contributing towards Successful Change Management in Organisations

by Manpreet Kaur A/P Amarjit Singh

October 2021


Past studies have repeatedly shown that more than 70% of all change initiatives end in failure, and this is largely due to insufficient planning and wrong approach used in executing and implementing the change. This study researches on the key and most
important factors that contribute towards and leads organisations towards successful change management.

The ADKAR model by Jeff Hiat was used as the theoretical framework, whereby the 5 stages of ADKAR were represented by five change management factors, which are communication, leadership, training & development, employee involvement as well as rewards. Qualitative data collected from secondary data sources using scholarly articles and journals were reviewed using the Systematic Literature Review process.

The analysis of the data collected show that all five of the change management factors identified were essential towards successful change management, and must be part of all change initiatives in organisations to increase its success rate.

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