A Case Study on Perceived Racial Discrimination and Employee Self-Motivation among Manufacturing Workers in Kulim

by Umamageswary Sundara Raju

February 2022


Racial Discrimination at workplace should be treated as a virus which threatens the self-respect, confidence and freedom of an individual. Racial Discrimination at workplace could no longer be taken as light as feather; it needed to be addressed properly in order to get everyone’s attention so that all are aware about their basic rights. Racism is not something that happen once in a blue moon, it is something that happen on daily basis which exist in almost at all the working places where it might have affected you and me personally.

To explore these themes a qualitative research was conducted. Objective: To analyze if racial discrimination is exist in workplace and how it affects one’s motivation level. Research Participants: 121 employees from manufacturing factories which are located at Kulim Hi-Tech Park. Research Method: A questionnaire was distributed in Google form. Thematic analysis was used for narrative data analysis

Results: Racial Discrimination do exist in working environment and it affects the employees’ motivation level adversely. The survey also reveals that the racial discrimination affects one’s daily and mental life and mostly people are afraid to complain the act due to fear of authority and they are not aware of proper way of handling the situation.

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