Woman On Board And Company Performance

by Faqihatush Syaakirah binti Mohammad Ayub


As clarification under tenth Malaysian Plan proposed that Malaysian Government need to increase the synthesis of female on board by 30% of year 2016 and it is still far away behind the target. Women on board are also constantly being a debated issue in corporate governance. Hence, this research investigates women on board and its influence on company performance (ROA, ROE, EP).

The main objective of this study is to examine whether composition women on board and other variables such as board size, board independence, directors age, education, nationality, ethnicity, tenure influence financial performance as measured by Accounting- Based Measurement.

The study examines 50 main public listed companies in Malaysia. Data analysis is performed by using Chi Square and Regression Analysis. The result shows that composition of women on board has a positive influence on EPS. However, composition women on board contribute no significant influence on Return on Asset and Return on Equity. Another finding is director’s nationality, ethnicity, board size and board independence does influence company performance on certain condition. 

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