The Role of Emotional Intelligence In Effective Leadership Role Toward Employee Job Satisfaction: The Case Of Malaysia Private University

by NurHazwani Binti Zulkafli


Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been gaining popularity in the world especially in leadership as it is considered to equally or more powerful than cognitive skills like intelligence quotient (IQ) (Ioannidou and Konstantikaki 2008: 120). It is stated that leaders with higher level of EQ will be more successful in their performance and career (Goleman 2000). To further explain, this research study will have a look at how emotional intelligence affect the effectiveness of leadership role at work place in Malaysia.

The research was conducted using two different methods which is questionnaire and interview. Both of this approach will cover the areas of EQ which is Self-Awareness, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. The questionnaire will be used to analyze the employees’ perceptions on the leadership traits and behaviors that define an effective leader. The list of traits/behaviors chosen will be based on the competencies in the EQ framework by Goleman. For the interview, it will be used to explore the leaders’ understanding of using EQ at workplace to effectively lead and manage their subordinates. 

From the findings, there were similarity in the results given by the employees and leaders where they considered trust, confidence and effective communication as the most important factors in effective leadership. These results also indicate that there is a positive correlation between EQ and leadership these three traits/behaviors can be found both in framework by Goleman and also in a previous research study by Hay Group in term of effective leadership. (Richardson and Hinton 2015: 13).

As a conclusion, it is believe that EQ is a significant factors in effective leadership by assisting the leaders to not only understand and regulate their own emotions but also their subordinates’ emotions as well. It is also recommended that further research on the role of EQ in effective leadership would substantially benefit leaders and managers at workplace.

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