The Relationship Between Financial Literacy and Public Awareness on Combating the Threat of Cybercrime in Malaysia

by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yaziz Bin Mohd Isa, Wan Nora Binti Wan Ibrahim, Prof. Dr.Zulkifflee Mohamed

Journal of Industrial Disribution & Business, Vol 12, No 12, 2021, Pages 1-10


Cyber criminals have affected various markets and the banking system has encountered various kinds of cyberattacks. The purpose of this study is to analyze cybercrime that is an emerging threat and investigate the significant contribution of financial literacy and public awareness on cybercrimes.

To understand the security issues and the need for corrective steps, the techniques and strategies used by cyber fraudsters in obtaining unauthorized access and use the financial information for purpose of fraud need to be understood. Research design, data and methodology: A sample of 123 banks employees from 12 commercial banks in Malaysia was surveyed.

This study differs from previous studies as it surveyed the employees’ awareness, and this approach fills in the gap in existing literature. Results: The financial literacy and public awareness have positive impact on organizational performance effectiveness to combat threat of cybercrime. Some recommendations are also proposed from research findings, for banking industry and government regulations.

Conclusion: The present study focuses on banking sector so its findings cannot be generalized to other sectors. Linking these topics has created a new study in combating threat of cybercrimes generally, and specifically in Malaysia. The present study enhances the understanding of customers’ role to combat the impact of cybercrimes on performances of banking industry.

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