The Impact Of Information Technology On Internal Auditing

by Asst. Prof. M. Krishna Moorthy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Seetharaman, Prof. Dr. Zulkifflee Mohamed, Dr. Meyyappan Gopalan and Dr. Lee Har San

African Journal of Business Management, Vol.5(9), (2011), Pages 3523-3539


This paper evaluates the role of information technology and how it affects internal audit process in the organization. The study also stresses on the global trend of adopting IT system (software/ hardware) in producing a more controlled environment in delivering the auditing process.

It also constitutes on how IT affects internal control (control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication and monitoring) and provides guidelines and best practices in evaluating techniques available to effectively perform auditing tasks internally.

It also addresses how technology, Information system (IS) and electronic data processing (EDP) have changed the way organizations conduct its business, promoting operational efficiency and aid decision-making. It also spotlights many aspects of IT risks and controls and highlights whether the right people are overseeing IT risks to the degree they should.

It demonstrates the impact of technology convergence on the internal control mechanism of an enterprise. It emphasizes that the auditor also has a responsibility to assure that the governance level of management (the audit committee and board of directors) understand risks accepted by management and the liabilities potentially transferred to board members.

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