The Entrepreneurship Bandwagon Descends a Slippery Slope

by Professor Dr Siri Roland Xavier

Graduate School of Business, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak


Entrepreneurship is an important term for all the right and, unfortunately sometimes, for the wrong reasons. Taking stock of how governments take advantage of this ‘entrepreneurship will save all’ bandwagon is quite interesting, it seems that having a ‘corridor’ or building a ‘park’ will promote entrepreneurship. The more scientific the name the better! The words bio and tech are avidly bandied about; sometimes together!

The formulaic creations of super corridors or technology parks are examples. In reality the clustering of these entrepreneurship centres occur in a natural embryonic fashion. It does not occur anywhere a government wants. It’s often a ‘natural’ clustering that a government can foster and encourage. In this regard, amongst the staples that needs to be provided are an effective broadband coverage and conducive regulations that allow the flow of knowledge and expertise from outside the country. As an example the successful Silicon Valley and Manchester Science Park and other such groupings have come about as a result of many parties’ involvement. It seems that local and foreign participation is critical to such endeavours. Clever collaboration can provide a major competitive advantage.

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