The Effect of Blockchain in Transportation Malaysia

By Mahadi Hasan Miraz, A.K. Mahbubul Hye, Khaled Ali. M. Alkurtehe, Mamun Habib, Shamim Ahmed, Mohammad Shahansha Molla, Mohammad Tariq Hasan

Jan 31, 2020


Purpose- This study aims to benefit both the manufacturing and academic society. Producing and spreading an industry-specific configuration (sales chain) to a more general configuration can be useful for companies that want to use the cluster network in the future. In addition, it shows better understand the technology of the blockchain in transportation in Malaysia. Significant of the Study- In other areas besides computer science and finance, there is a little scientific study in blockchain technology. Expanding the field of study is essential to understand this new technological trend and the management of the supply chain is an essential technological development in the coming years. Methodology-This study is base on a strategic alignment survey of Malaysian transport management chains. Findings-In addition, the main results of the specific strategic adaptation are finding indicators on the type of supply chains with blocking technology that can have positive strategic implications. Although the blocked pipeline revolutionises business and redefines logistics, the current study is limited to classify the categories of applicability of the framework and its consequences.

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