Strategic Planning At Lanar Auto Parts: “A Case Study Of Leadership’

by Kamarizal Bin Razali


This case is based on primary research based on field interviews with the owner and founder of the business, key management personnel who are non-family members. Secondary data from reliable internet sources are also involved in this study, i.e. articles, reports and journals.

Key actors in this case as below:

NameRelationshipManagerial Position
Mohd Saiful Bin Bakhtiar FounderOwner
Shafigah Binti JamaluddinNon family member/staffClerk
Asfanizam Bin Jaafar Non family member/staffSenior Mechanic

Table 1: List of Key Actors in the Case

Lanar Auto Parts started off as automotive workshop in a small shop rented by MARA and located in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. This business is a sole proprietor business and already operated for about 6 years. At the early stage, the management of this business is 100% by Mohd Saiful which include worked as a mechanic and clerical work in the office doing accounting and financial for the customer and company. For the past two years, since 2015 he has employed a clerk to assist with administrative and financial work.

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