Satisfying Women’s Status Desires : Role of Money Attitude and Consumer Vanity in Status Consumption

by Dr. Carol Teo Boon Chui and Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Samsinar Md Sidin

Association for Consumer Research, Pages 328-335.


The recent financial crisis brought a decline in social status. As economy recovers, consumers restore their status by way of spending on status products. Driven by emerging consumer culture, marketers predict female discretionary spending on status goods to revive the economy. This paper investigates money attitude and consumer vanity as antecedents of female status consumption. Moderating effects of demographics are examined. Survey was conducted on 444 females. Data analyses using SEM revealed both factors had positive effects on SC. Demographics had non-significant moderating effects. Findings are significant in understanding female status motivations. Central are implications on gender-bending marketing strategies.

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