Retailers’ Attitude Towards Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management: A Study on Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd

by Md. Moniruzzaman, AHM Yeaseen Chowdury and Md. Mamun Habib



The Supply Chain Management (SCM) of pharmaceutical products deserves high priority as it is related to the life and death of men and animals around the world. SCM includes forecasting and planning, purchasing and procurement, logistics, operations, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, distribution, customer service etc. However, it is difficult to find a standard model of SCM operating in the business community particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. This paper attempts to investigate retailers’ attitude towards Pharmaceutical SCM of Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd. Descriptive Statistics and Factor Analysis method have been employed here to investigate the attitudes of the retailers of this leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. The study findings confirm that ‘Eskayef Bangladesh Limited’ has an effective supply SCM strategy even though there is still room for improvement. ‘Eskayef Bangladesh Limited’ produces some of the medicines locally from an ultra modern factory plant in Tongi and distributes them through its own wholesales and other members of the pharmaceutical distribution chain to make sure accessibility of good quality and efficacious medicines at affordable prices.

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