Religious And Spiritual Coping Used By Student In Dealing With Stress And Anxiety

by Husni Mohd , Lilie Zahara Ramly , Farhaniza , Sapora , Dr. Khatijah Othman

International Journal of Asian Social Science, (2014), Vol. 4(2), Pages 314-319


World Health Organization (WHO) has described the meaning of total well-being as balanced and functioning of human faculty encompassing physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Student sometime forget this important fact, thus they neglect some of the important elements of well being. Most students can handle the transition to college easily using various coping mechanisms. There are many productive ways that have been suggested as coping strategies for students.

This paper seeks to review how spiritual and religious coping strategies are used by Muslim ‘Tahfiz’ students in dealing with their academic and personal issues. The research used DASS and MRPI questionnaire to measure stress and anxiety level as well as religious and spiritual coping strategies. The results indicated that the student shows mild to low stress and anxiety level with high religious personality.

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