Regulatory Capital Funds And Risk-Sharing Behavior In Distressed Financial Conditions: An Empirical Analysis On Islamic Banks In Malaysia

by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yaziz Mohd Isa, Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Md. Zabid Hj Abdul Rashid

Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, (2017), Vol. 16, Issue 1


This paper aims to investigate the adequacy of regulatory capital funds through loss provisioning policies because of worsening credit quality associated with distressed financial conditions. A financial distress occurs when banks have difficulty in honoring financial commitments. This paper is expected to unveil how the provisioning mechanisms can address concerns associated with pro cyclicality of regulatory capital funds requirements, and how the banks behave in distressed financial conditions to share risks.

The pro cyclicality of regulatory capital funds is the effect of various components of the financial system that aggravates the economic cycle such as during the expansion of the economy when banks are able to provide more loans and meet regulatory capital requirements with ease, while during the contraction of the economic cycle, can lead to deterioration of asset quality, and the resultant need to make loss provisions and recognize impairment. In turn, the situation puts further pressures on the capital requirements held by banks and their risk-sharing behavior. The paper analyzes a sample of Islamic banks in Malaysia.

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