Predicting Workgroup Loyalty And Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (Ocb): The Role Of Front Line Manager (Flm) And Trust

by Rohana Binti Hj Abdul Rahman


The purpose of this research is to identify the possible distinction of front line manager (FLM) styles which include policy enactor, organisational leader, and employee coach that influence the employee outcomes in term of workgroup loyalty as well as organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB). Moreover, the research also focuses on the role of trust in FLM and how this variable mediates the relationship between FLM styles and employee outcomes. The role has gone through the period of change where devolution of duty occurred from the HR department to managerial regime.

Thus, this change of responsibility has indicated FLM are accountable for improving the employee outcome. Plus, with the role of trust, it believes to influence on generating persistent relationships with the line manager and the subordinates. Each of the variables is examined empirically using survey data with the sample of employees, n= 315 within the government sector. The findings found that employee coach style works best than the other FLM styles. In addition, the role of trust in FLM has partially mediated the relationship between FLM styles and workgroup loyalty. Therefore, the research contributes the new findings that may be useful for the future research.

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