Personality Traits, Entrepreneur’s Ambidexterity, And Knowledge Brokerage : Evidence From Technology Firms

by Dr. Ching Seng Yap, Dr. Rizal Ahmad, Nurul Afza Hashim and Farah Waheeda Jalaludin

In Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (KMIS 2017), Pages 61-69


The study aims to identify the knowledge sources for opportunity recognition and to examine the relationships between personality traits, ambidexterity, knowledge brokerage, and firm performance. Data
were collected from 132 entrepreneurs in the technology sector using a questionnaire survey. The study finds that the mostly used knowledge sources for opportunity recognition are Internet/social media, online
media, and customers. The findings reveal that personality traits of entrepreneurs relates with ambidexterity, specifically, openness to experience relates positively with engagement in exploration activities, and
conscientiousness relates positively with engagement in exploitation activities. Furthermore, entrepreneur’s ambidexterity and knowledge brokerage have a positive relationship, which in turn, affect firm

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